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Structured overview

A structured overview is a graphic organiser used to arrange the key words and concepts on a topic. They may be completed individually or collaboratively. The words are organised in a hierarchical structure, beginning with the topic heading. Lines connect the words or subtopics showing their relationship to the central idea and to each other.

The conceptual map is like a tree diagram with the most general terms at the top moving down to the details or examples at the bottom. Once completed they are shared with their partner or with the class.

Students using structured overviews: link new information to existing knowledge; think about relationships between ideas; learn to categorise ideas; clarify their thoughts and learn key vocabulary. See also  Graphic organisers.

Watch this video to see a structured overview being used in a year 13 economics class

Teaching and learning sequence planning example:

Primary level:

Secondary level:

  • Measurement: Maths and ESOL, curriculum level 4–5
  • Marine mammals: Writing information texts, ESOL Unit Standards level 2 (US17144.)

Published on: 19 Jan 2018