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KWL chart


What I know What I want to learn What I have learned

K-W-L is a group activity developed by Donna Ogle (1986) that helps students think actively while reading.

K - Stands for helping students recall what they KNOW about the subject. 
W - Stands for helping students determine what they WANT to learn. 
L - Stands for helping students identify what they LEARN as they read.

  1. Using a K-W-L chart, teachers activate students' prior knowledge by asking them what they already know (or think they know) about a topic.
  2. Students (collaborating as a classroom unit or within small groups) set goals specifying what they want to learn.
  3. After reading, students discuss what they have learned. The students return to the chart and discuss what was originally listed and identify what they learned and whether what they thought they knew was accurate. The chart helps students monitor their progress toward their goals.
  4. Some teachers add a "H" section. How can we learn more? Or, How did I learn this information?

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Published on: 23 Feb 2018