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The flag

Description of the flag and its meaning.

The World Flag Database: Flag and map of Myanmar.

Images of Myanmar/Burma Burma in pictures - pictures of early Burma (downloadable eBook)

Image: Myanmar/Burma market

Image: Foraging for a living


Image: Burmese dancers

Image: Papier mache art


Image: River travel

Image: Looking for water with bullocks


Image: Bagan Temple, Myanmar

Image: Shwenandaw Monastery carvings


Image: Buddhist monks protesting in Burma

Image: Imperial Burma 1910




AsiaRecipe.com - food, religion, history, mythology and other aspects of culture

Google search results for the history of Myanmar Burma

History of Burma - a Scribd article which gives the history of Burma since 1044.

The New Internationalist gives a short history of Burma


Subversive technology - Introduction to the Saffron Revolution and Burma's struggle for democracy (Slideshare)


World Vision's Cyclone Nargis response programme - video footage from Cyclone Nargis and from Myanmar two years on.

Cyclone Nargis - how the cyclone happened (Slideshare)


Illustrated article on Theravada Buddhism in Myannar

General information

Wikipedia - 38 pages offering a comprehensive overview of Burma.

Burma - from Wikimedia, general facts, figures, and images from Burma.

Demography CIA World Fact Book - Burma's geography

Wikipedia (illustrated entry) - High Schools in Burma

The opium trade WorldNetDaily - Afghan war lifts Burma's opium trade
The gem trade

Human Rights Watch - The gem trade bolsters the military regime

Richard Hughes - book chapter: History of the Burmese gem trade

Music / Dance



Image: Naga dance

Image: Burmese dance


Myanmar dance - Blip TV


Image: Horn

Image: Harp


Karen song - Video

Audio: Myanmar song

Audio: guitar tune, Karen refugees


Flickr video Boat on Inle Lake: shows life along the shore and on the water.

You Tube video Ear piercing in Thailand and Myanmar

You Tube video The tribes of Myanmar - The Long Neck Padaung

You Tube video Shoot on sight: The plight of Karen refugees

You tube video Child soldiers in Burma


Karen State Education Assistance - YouTube video showing communities throughout Karen State and discussing Burma's struggle to keep schools open for their children.

Doctors from Burma awarded at a ceremony (of the Myanmar American Medical Education Society) for making the top 1 percentile list on two US doctorate exams (You Tube ).

Readers, eBooks, comics, magazines, podcasts

iTunes Trailer of award winning HBO documentary about the 2007 uprising in Myanmar.

Burma past and present - by Fytche, Albert (eBook)

The Road to Mandalay: A Tale of Burma - by Croker, B. M. (Bithia Mary), 1849-1920 (eBook)


The Guardian - has over 700 articles on Burma

Download the word document:

Our cultural village Myanmar Burma (Word 973KB)

Published on: 19 Feb 2018