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Online dictionaries

Pashto Dictionary definition of the Pashto language.


Images of flags in Afghanistan from 1901


Slides: Afghanistan images

Images: The daily life of Afghanis in the late 1960s

Image: Lake Band-e-amir and limestone canyons


Image: Fruit

Image: Salesman

Image: Food aid

Image: Women at a Poultry Association Meeting


Afghan Star - a documentary about Central Asia's version of American Idol and the perils involved for women contestants.

Image: Carpet seller in Kabul


Image: Buddhist figure in the Kabul Museum

Image: Blue Mosque

Politics Slides: Long term solutions for Afghanistan

Image: Election poster

Image: U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan




Video: History of Afghanistan


The Dari Alphabet

The Pashto Alphabet

International Aid

Film showing how the Halo Trust is making the countryside in Afghanistan safe for people to live in and farm again, by carrying out work funded and supported by UKaid from the Department for International Development.


National Geographic: Afghanistan quiz - "This East-West crossroads has long been a hot spot of culture, tradition, and turmoil. How much do you know about it?"

BBC World Service - education in Afghanistan

General facts

CIA World Factbook: Afghanistan

Decline in opium trade - UN Report

Women's rights

Music / Dance



Image: Dance

Men perform Attan dance, 1948 - National Geographic image


The toughest battle - You Tube video

  Rebuilding through education - You Tube video

Rebuilding Afghanistan, one book at a time - Vimeo video

Readers, eBooks, comics, magazines, podcasts

Children's books in Arabic

Photojournalist Reza - Charlie Devereux talks to world-renowned photojournalist Reza about his Kabul-based NGO Aïna and ambitions to construct a free Afghan media.

Afghanistan - an eBook by Hamilton, A. (Angus), 1874-1913

Afghanistan and the Anglo-Russian Dispute - eBook by Rodenbough, Theo. F.

An inquiry into the ethnography of Afghanistan (1977) - eBook by Bellew, H. W. (Henry Walter), 1834-1892

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Published on: 19 Feb 2018