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Ministry of Education.

Literacy Learning Progressions

Literacy Learning Progressions

The Literacy Learning Progressions, is one of the professional tools provided to support the New Zealand Curriculum.It describes the specific literacy knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students draw on in order to meet the reading and writing demands of the curriculum. Teachers need to ensure that their students develop the literacy expertise that will enable them to engage with the curriculum at increasing levels of complexity and with increasing independence. As students progress through schooling, they need to be able to read and write increasingly complex texts and to engage with increasingly complex tasks.

English Language Learning Progressions

Students who are accessing the New Zealand Curriculum as English language learners, may have a different pathway of progress towards competency than their peers. In this case, teachers may find the English Language Learning Progressions useful to sit alongside the Literacy Learning Progressions as learners from language backgrounds other than English work towards proficiency in the same reading and writing competencies as all New Zealand students. However, their pathways and rates of progress will differ from those of speakers of English as a first language.

Published on: 19 Dec 2008