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Our cultural village

Our_cultural_village_template for teachers (Word 95KB)

This template provides guidelines which will help inform decisions about possible content for Our Cultural Village country sites. If you wish to share similar resources you have developed using this template, please consider uploading to the Teacher Resource Exchange.

Our cultural village resources

The resources below have been developed using the template above and could be used as exemplars as well as resources. We aim to develop further resources for this area to assist teachers working with students from other countries.

The following resources are available in a Wiki space. You can access and use these resources but to obtain editing rights to this Wiki please contact Hazel Owen.

Other resource

  • New to New Zealand - a guide to ethnic groups in New Zealand. This book aims to increase our understanding of new settlers and to encourage the development of culturally appropriate responses and services (Reed Publishing NZ Limited ISBN 0 7900 0998 6).

Published on: 19 Feb 2018