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Venn diagrams

Venn diagrams are graphic organisers that are a useful tool for teaching the language of comparison and contrast. Learners should place a concept at the top of the organiser and label each circle. Commonalities between the concepts are identified in the area of the Venn diagram where both of the circles overlap. Differences are recorded in the areas of the Venn diagram where the circles do not overlap.

Venn diagrams also help students to develop higher order thinking skills. They can be completed in the student’s first language as well as English and they may be completed collaboratively.

Venn diagrams can be used:

• before, during, or after a learning activity or topic

• for organising and sorting information, concepts, or vocabulary

• to help students think about and use text types and patterns, particularly comparisons.

Watch this short video to see a year 5–6 visual arts class using venn diagrams

Teaching and learning sequence planning examples:

Primary level:

Secondary level:

Published on: 19 Jan 2018