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Speaking frames

How to use speaking frames

Establish the responses you expect the students to make. Model these with the students and discuss them. Write out sentence starters to act as a speaking frame. You may also include a small word bank. You may need to create more than one of these frames, each one offering different levels of support.

The benefits of using speaking frames

  • Helps to set the criteria for effective responses.
  • Reduces vague language, encourages precise and concise language.
  • Encourages productive use of acad


Speaking frames are a type of sentence frame that provides sentence starters and models for English language learners who may not have sufficient knowledge of standard sentence structure to be able to create sentences independently. They are a support, which should gradually be withdrawn eg. "The ________ lives in a _______."

Watch these short videos to see speaking frames being used in a primary classroom and in a secondary classroom




Teaching and learning sequence examples:

Primary level:

Secondary level:

Published on: 18 Dec 2017