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Ministry of Education.

How can school leaders support English language learners?

It is beneficial for school leaders to take a proactive stance and to have a range of processes in place in order for students and families to be welcomed and supported effectively. As you self-review your current processes and procedures consider some of the aspects below:

  • Understand key messages and share these with key stakeholders (staff, families, Board of Trustees).   
  • Ensure responsibilities for English language learners are recognised in senior and middle leadership. 
  • Develop documents and/or access information that will provide direction for your school's decision-making.

General information to guide the development of procedures can be found in the  NESB: A Handbook for Schools refer to Chapter 3, page 28: School Policy and Procedures.  

It is worthwhile considering explicit indicators related to: 


An example of a primary school procedure policy document (PDF 120KB)

An example of a secondary school procedure policy document (PDF 251KB)

Updated on: 15 Jul 2015