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Ministry of Education.

How can we engage effectively with families and communities?

Listening to the aspirations of the families in your school community will help you to gain an understanding of their needs. This may mean taking advantage of a translation and interpreter service in your area to help support effective communication. This audit tool can help you gain an understanding of different community strengths, check where your school is at now, and help identify any gaps that need to be filled. Further guidance and suggestions can be found on the NZC Online Community engagement page.

Your school can use multilingual notices to communicate with the families of English language learners.

The notices include:

  • a form requesting background information about the student
  • missing documents
  • school camp or trip
  • parent–teacher meeting
  • parent participation
  • attendance record
  • excellent school report
  • school report identifying concerns.

Languages available:

There is also information about NCEA in the above languages.

Booklets for parents - "Supporting your child’s learning" is available in 14 languages and "How well is my child doing?" is available in 16 languages. 

Updated on: 19 Sep 2020