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Broadgreen Intermediate – creating a cultural quilt

The ELL programme at Broadgreen Intermediate is supported by Lynda Sutherland who has been in the teaching position for 15 years. Lynda works hard to know each student personally so that her work is authentic through her relational approach to students and their families. Each new student's cultural background is acknowledged by adding a piece to a quilt which has grown over time.

Broadgreen Intermediate cultural quilt.

The quilt has been built around the importance of inclusivity as students arrive and become part of the 'fabric' of the school. Each student works with Lynda to design their unique cultural quilt piece through an art design process. The pictures are transferred to fabric, and the piece is added to the whole ELL celebration quilt. 

This quilt hangs in the entrance to the school library 'Te Puna'. It is revisited by past students and it welcomes new students to the school through its placement at the front entrance.

Updated on: 20 Jun 2019