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Module 4: Utilising effective teaching and learning – Scaffolding

Welcome to Module 4 of Working with English Language Learners.

In this module you will explore effective teaching practices that demonstrate scaffolding of language and content learning.


Learning byte

Watch this clip to see a teacher demonstrating scaffolding by using a speaking frame to support learners with writing and presenting about their family treasures.

After you have viewed the video, have a shared discussion to reflect on:

  • how the teacher separated the task into manageable and meaningful parts
  • how the teacher gave learners opportunities to interact and collaborate
  • how the teacher provided opportunities for new skills to be practised in a meaningful way.


Teacher - To do that I’m going to share with you my family treasure. Now yesterday somebody guessed that it had to do with clothing.

Student - Uhm, is it like a really special piece of clothing from your mum or dad?

Teacher - It is a special piece of clothing and this special piece of clothing is from my grandmother. It’s just got a little bit broken and old really. Yes?

Student - How old is it?

Teacher - It is about, about 60 years old now, this costume. And on the board I think you’ve covered most of what it would be that I would talk to you about. My treasure is... who could tell me? Alex?

Student - A ballet costume.

Teacher - Thank you, that’s correct.

Student - It has lots of sequins on it.

Teacher - Good, and can you tell me some colours?

Student - Uhm, gold, black.

Teacher - I like the way you’ve used adjectives there; black, silver so they’re describing my costume, my grandmother’s costume.

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Module 5: Supporting oral language and vocabulary development

Ask your classroom teacher about how they support learners to engage in meaningful talk and to learn new vocabulary.

Updated on: 03 May 2022