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Module 10: Creating an action plan to support learners across the curriculum

Welcome to Module 10 of Working with English Language Learners.

In this module you will reflect on the ‘Learning Inquiry’ stage of the teacher inquiry cycle where we ask:

  • What happened as a result of the teaching?
  •  What are the implications for future teaching?

You will consider these questions to create an action plan. 


Learning byte

Watch the clip below to see how a teacher uses a range of strategies to support language and content learning in science.

After you have viewed the video, have a shared discussion to reflect on:

  • the strategies the teacher used to support learners’ science and language learning
  • the key ideas in the module, how the teacher enacted some of them in the video, and how you use them in your practice.


Teacher – It’s a very interesting site for our next activity. What is likely to disappear? And then you need to write a statement. We predict that when... is introduced, that… And you need to list what you think will disappear. Now really importantly you need to then also give your reason. Because...

Students – I think that the kiwi egg would disappear because the rat would eat it, feed on it or eat it.  Or the weta would disappear because the rat would eat it. It would kill it just for fun.

Teacher – Thank you. There’s been some people doing some really good thinking this morning and using lots of prior knowledge also to make their predictions. Well done.

I want you to be looking at your sheet and comparing what you see happen up here with what you have predicted on your sheet.

Updated on: 03 May 2022