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Module 3: Understanding additional language acquisition

Welcome to Module 3 of Working with English Language Learners.

In this module you will learn about the topic of second language acquisition (or learning a new language) and the key factors that can encourage and promote successful language learning. 


Learning byte

Watch this clip to see how learners use BICs and CALP as they work together to complete a graphic organiser about lantern making in a technology class.

After you have viewed the video, have a shared discussion to reflect on:

  • the use of technical language related to lantern making, for example, ‘materials’, ‘equipment’
  • how the teacher prompted the learners to integrate their prior language and content knowledge into the task.


Students - It must have a holder for a candle but it shouldn’t be close to the outside of the lantern. Does it have a handle? Holder, handle?


Ok, is it close to the outside frame?


Teacher - Now, you’re going to have the opportunity, first of all to think about the sort of lantern that you’re already planning in your head that you’re going to make.  You’re going to talk to a partner about it and then you’re going to have the opportunity, on your planning sheet, to do a sketch. And also, to think about the equipment and the material you’ll need to successfully make that lantern.

Students - We can use some colours that we didn’t use like.


Yip, black, white.

No, because it won’t stand out that much.

So like something like a yellow.

But you got to remember that the candle light is very dim.

Students - Fish on one side and a fish on the other side just like the monkey they showed and in the middle I’m going to have the candle light.

What materials would you use to make yours?

Don’t really know.

Well, I’m going to probably use like cardboard or coloured paper.

Preparation for Module 4 >>

Module 4: Utilising effective teaching and learning – Scaffolding

Module 4 is about effective teaching practice. Discuss the term ‘Scaffolding’ with your classroom teacher. What does it mean? How does your classroom teacher plan for this? What are some ways you scaffold learning before, during, or after a lesson?

Updated on: 03 May 2022