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ESOL Teacher Resource Exchange Years 5-8

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Teacher resource An example of a School Procedure document (Word)

This document provides an outline of the sorts of considerations that a school might consider as they go about writing a policy or procedure document for ESOL. It is intended to be used as a model or starting point only. A school policy is the means by which a school indicates an intention to act in certain ways. It is based on the beliefs and values that are important to the community of the school. By agreeing on a policy and documenting it, a school indicates a willingness to identify certain needs and allocate certain resources to ensure that those needs are met.

Keywords: School policy

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

40.50 kB

Gaylene Price


Teacher resource ESOL Resource (Word)

A supplement to the digital resource. Contains text, graphics and simple exercises on vocabulary, logic and writing.

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

448.50 kB


S, W

Teacher resource Talking about other people - masculine (PowerPoint)

A presentation to help students practise talking about masculine subjects using pronouns and with subject/ verb agreement.

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)

2.60 MB

Suzie Vesper


Teacher resource Teaching multi-level EL classes in Aotearoa NZ (Word 2007)

This document originates from the UE Plus workshops held in Term 1, 2014. It focuses on approached to teaching classes multi-level classes with English Language Learners (ELLs) with a wide range of English language proficiency.

Keywords: multi-levelling

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)

19.69 kB

Julie Luxton


Teacher resource Three level guide - SJ 1:3:2007 family treasures (PDF)

three level guide - SJ 1:3:2007 family treasures

73.02 kB

louise pyne


Teacher resource Useful Vocabulary Lists and Tests Overview (Word)

This document summarises online and print resources for ESOL teachers relating to high frequency and academic vocabulary lists and tests (receptive and productive). It will save you a lot of search time!

Keywords: vocabulary; lists; tests; high frequency; academic

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

41.00 kB

Julie Luxton


Teacher resource Wild and Wacky- Vanilla Ice-cream (Word)

A supplement to the digital resource. Contains text, graphics and simple exercises on vocabulary, logic and writing.

Keywords: extension activities, vocabulary

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

903.00 kB

Jim Brook

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