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Teacher resource An example of a School Procedure document (Word)

This document provides an outline of the sorts of considerations that a school might consider as they go about writing a policy or procedure document for ESOL. It is intended to be used as a model or starting point only. A school policy is the means by which a school indicates an intention to act in certain ways. It is based on the beliefs and values that are important to the community of the school. By agreeing on a policy and documenting it, a school indicates a willingness to identify certain needs and allocate certain resources to ensure that those needs are met.

Keywords: School policy

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

40.50 kB

Gaylene Price


Teacher resource Counting - Numbers (Word)

Counting Numbers in Samoan, Tuvalu & Tongan

77.00 kB



Teacher resource Pasifika language translations (Word)

English words and translations in Samoan, Tuvalu & Tonga

75.50 kB

Fola Tuula Temita


Teacher resource Places - areas in the school in Pasifika languages (PDF)

The resource is the result of a request by a teacher aide in a South Island School who wished to have labels and signs in Pasifika languages for key areas and places in the school. Underpinning this simple resource is a desire to recognise and include linguistic and cultural diverse members of a school community. The resource is available in Tongan, Samona, Cook Island Maori, Te Reo Maori, and Niuean.

Keywords: Places in a school - Samoan

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)

45.12 kB

Dr Jannie van Hees


Teacher resource Say it- Family treasures SJ 1:3:2007 (Word)

Say it -Family treasures

39.50 kB

louise pyne


Teacher resource Three level guide - SJ 1:3:2007 family treasures (PDF)

three level guide - SJ 1:3:2007 family treasures

73.02 kB

Louise Pyne

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