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Ministry of Education.


The Making Language and Learning Work DVDs demonstrate how to effectively integrate content-area teaching and language learning in mainstream subject classrooms for students from diverse language backgrounds. They show how to integrate effective literacy strategies, and how a range of teachers in different subject areas scaffold language and content area learning. The materials model how to personalise learning by supporting students at different levels of English proficiency in a manageable way in mainstream classes.

There are three sets of videos in the tabs below:

DVD covers.

Integrating language and learning in secondary maths and science

Making Language and Learning Work 1 shows how teachers can effectively integrate content area teaching and language learning. It features secondary science and mathematics classes at work in a range of schools, showing subject teachers exemplifying good practices in the use of language approaches which make it easier for students to understand subject content. 

Clip 1: Know the learner Clip 4: Make the abstract concrete
Clip 2: Identify language demands Clip 5: Recycle language
Clip 3: Make outcomes the same for all Clip 6: Encourage self-evaluation

Clip 1 – Know the learner

Clip 2 – Identify language demands

Clip 3 – Make outcomes the same for all    


Clip 4 – Make the abstract concrete


Clip 5 – Recycle language


Clip 6 – Encourage self-evaluation


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Copies of the DVDs were sent to schools and further copies can be obtained from  Down the Back of the Chair.

Published on: 19 Jun 2014