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Completing the ELLP matrices

The ELLP matrices allow teachers to make judgments across a range of contexts, text-types and ages. The matrices look at a comprehensive range of literacy skills, and provide teachers with both assessment and planning ideas for the English language learners in their classroom.

The sets of Google slides below are designed to unpack and explain the matrices. Each set contains exemplars, video clips and suggested texts that help to make sense of the indicators and apply them to your own classroom context. The slides can be used as is, for personal, team, or whole staff viewing, or can be downloaded and shared with your school, to be adapted to the needs of your students.

Primary/intermediate listening matrix

Download slideshow

Primary/intermediate speaking matrix


Download slideshow

Primary/intermediate reading matrix


Download slideshow

Primary/intermediate writing matrix


Download slideshow

Click here for support with using the suite of resources available to you to plan for your students’ needs in a primary classroom. Remember that these resources are likely to be useful for all students in your class and also support you with planning differentiated learning across the curriculum.

Updated on: 19 May 2022