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English Language Learning Progressions (ELLP) Pathway Years 1–8 and ELLP Pathway Student Agency Record

The ELLP Pathway Years 1–8 and ELLP Pathway Student Agency Record are optional resources to support the ELLP matrices.

They are closely aligned to the ELLP matrices, with additional detail from ELLP booklets and other Ministry of Education resources. They assist primary and intermediate teachers to plan day-to-day support for English language learners. The student pathway assists with fostering learner agency.

Important: all ESOL funding applications require the ongoing completion of the
ELLP record of progress.

English Language Learning Progressions Pathway Years 1–8 (Google Docs)

English Language Learning Progressions Pathway Student Agency Record (Google Docs)

The ELLP Pathway Years 1–8 links to eight short Vimeo videos featuring Dr Jannie van Hees. They focus on knowing your learner and supporting English language learners.  

Knowing your learner

The family language Day-to-day code switching
Concept and knowledge gaps Immigrant dislocation and adjustment

The family language – its closeness to or distance from English

Concept and knowledge gaps, and cognitive frustration 

Day-to-day code switching

Immigrant dislocation and adjustment

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Supporting English language learners 

For new learners Scaffolding learning
Working in the learner's 'Goldilocks zone' Recycling learning and language

For new learners – focused attention to build-foundational English language knowledge

Working in the learner’s ‘Goldilocks zone'

Scaffolding learning

Recycling learning and language – a major factor influencing language acquisition

Updated on: 26 May 2020