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ESOL Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.
Ministry of Education.


The progress of all students need to be tracked in relation to  The New Zealand Curriculum document.

English language learners should be reported on in each curriculum subject area as well as on progress and achievement in learning the English language. English language.

The key resource to inform and support teachers in reporting is the English Language Learning Progressions.

The ELLP matrices (beneath NZC diagram) – Used for tracking students' progress and sharing this information with learners and other stakeholders.

Schools also use ELLP to record and report progress to the Ministry for ESOL funding purposes. Module 6: Using ELLP to support funding applications provides further information and support on this process.

Self-review document – ESOL department review checklist (PDF 95KB) – Another key aspect of reporting is self-review. Although this is a secondary document it also has relevance to primary schools. It is important that ESOL teachers share information with mainstream classroom teachers and that schools have the right documentation to support their English language learners.

Reporting to families

Resources to support schools to share information with parents and whānau. All teachers should keep in mind:

Schools should also consider forming strong community engagement connections with their diverse families and communities.

Assessment Online: Reporting to parents and whānau
This site provides information, guidance, and resources to support schools in developing and building on their home–school partnerships.

Resources for parents

Ministry of Education: For parents – Practical advice, tips, and links for families and carers

Resources to assist in communicating with families

  • Ministry for Ethnic Communities: Resources
  • Interpreting New Zealand
  • Merit Bilingual Achievement Certificates
  • These certificates have been translated into nine different languages and are fully downloadable. They can be used to inform parents of their child’s language learning success. They also provide an opportunity to acknowledge the student’s first language, culture, and particular strengths. By celebrating diversity within the school community, all students benefit. The translations on these downloadable certificates could be copied and repurposed to create more certificates unique to your school.

Updated on: 07 May 2019