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Ministry of Education.


The ELIP Primary Resource provides clear guidelines for teachers about what should be included in an ESOL programme from beginner to more advanced   stages, which supports learning in a range of curriculum contexts. It recognises that language learning is a recursive process, which means that in order to become proficient users of a new language; learners need repeated opportunities to be exposed to language features and to practise identifying and using them in a variety of increasingly complex texts. At the same time it allows room for teacher preferences and encourages flexibility in programme   planning. Effective use of the ELIP Primary Resource will assist teachers to develop coherent programmes to enhance the acquisition of English for all students facing the challenges of learning in a new language.

The English Language Intensive Programme (ELIP) Primary Resource is a companion to the English Language Intensive Programme Years 7-13 Resource and contains adapted material from Foundation to Stage 2.

ELIP Primary: Rationale and description

ELIP Primary: Explanation of Stages

ELIP Primary: Using the Resource – teaching and learning components

ELIP Primary: Using the Resource – links with mainstream teachers

ELIP Primary: Using the Resource – presenting the examples

ELIP Primary: Glossary of classroom games suggested in sample strategies

Published on: 08 Jan 2018

ELIP Introduction