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ESOL Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.
Ministry of Education.

About this site

ESOL Online is a site for primary and secondary teachers of English language learners in New Zealand and internationally. English Online and Literacy Online are sister sites of this site. 

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The principles that underpin the sites

  • All learners can achieve.
  • Content and pedagogical knowledge is essential for effective instruction.
  • Knowledge of students’ progressions is critical to meeting students’ diverse needs.
  • Students need responsive and personalised instruction.
  • Teaching decisions should be based on evidence of students’ strengths and needs.
  • Teaching and learning sequence tasks need to have a clearly defined pedagogical rationale.
  • Teachers’ ongoing inquiry into the impact of their teaching decisions is essential for providing effective differentiated instruction.
  • Ongoing inquiry into underachievement is a key to schooling improvement.
  • Practice is informed by contemporary research and thinking.

Published on: 05 Mar 2009