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Listening round/Round-robin

A Listening round or Round-Robin is a technique to ensure that all students have a voice and that students who might otherwise monopolise a conversation do not limit anyone else's opportunities to participate.

In a Listening round, students share their ideas in a group. Each participant has a turn to offer her or his answer. Nobody should interrupt the person who has the floor. Agreement, disagreement or surprise can only be communicated kinaesthetically. Nobody can pass. If a participant's answer is similar to or the same as prior ones, the person has to start by acknowledging peers who had similar ideas.

A Listening round provides opportunities for noticing and hearing new language for English language learners. It gives opportunities for forced language output for all students.

Watch this video to see Listening round/Round-robin being used in a year 10 social studies class

Published on: 02 Feb 2018