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Dramatised Listening

The purpose of this activity is to revise the vocabulary, by giving students a key word to listen out for. Each time they hear 'their' word, students must perform a certain action which helps to demonstrate the meaning of the word. Divide the students into groups of two to three students. Demonstrate the actions to do every time they hear their key word(s). Give students the time to practise their words – one word per two to three students (depending on class size.) See the  Text Action (Word 41KB).

As you read the text, students must react instantly to their keywords by doing the actions. The last student to respond is 'out'. Note: an extension of this activity is to give the students a sentence to say as they do their actions. For example: Convection currents could say: "We make the magma move around." The dramatised listening activity can be repeated several times, and students can be given different keywords, so that the vocabulary and the process are well rehearsed.

Students are given the text to read. They highlight the words from the listening, and tick them if they know what they mean or put a cross above them if they do not know the meaning. Students must learn the words for homework.

Published on: 18 Dec 2017