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Ministry of Education.

What funding and types of programmes are available for English language learners?

Ministry of Education funding

Funding provision for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) support is provided by the Ministry of Education in addition to the school operations grant. Students will need to meet eligibility criteria - refer to  MOE ESOL Funding. These students may still need academic English language support when they have exceeded the funding period or criteria.

 Further information can be found at:

Further support

Decisions about the type of language support you are able to provide, and the way you group your English language learners for support, will depend on variables in the students, your school context, and the availability of suitable staff. School leaders and the agencies that support schools are invited to use the system of support tools to ensure the timely and efficient response to identified need (student or teacher).

The following Ministry of Education material can help you make decisions on supporting students: 

Registered teachers with ESOL training are able to provide effective ESOL support. Schools may also consider extra personnel resources such as bilingual support staff and English language assistants (teacher aides).

Accelerated English language learning (ACCELL)

ACCELL is a Ministry of Education online ESOL programme. It is available to intermediate and secondary schools who have new learners of the English language.

This programme on the VLN is designed to accelerate English language learning to help students in years 7–13 rapidly acquire academic language to access the curriculum and participate fully in their mainstream classes. Schools who are new to ESOL students and who do not have established ESOL departments or ESOL teachers may have students who are eligible for the programme.

Students and schools are identified from the Ministry ESOL funding database, and the ACCELL team invites them to join the programme. Schools who think they might be eligible are also welcome to contact the providers directly.

You can find out more about the programme and how it works at:

If you would like to discuss the programme, please contact Ruthanne Kennedy,  eprincipal@accell.school.nz

Published on: 23 Jun 2015