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Learning task 10 and beyond

Teaching and learning the printing process

It is important that the students go on to create their siapo using any of the printmaking processes as explained in ‘Printmaking: Exploring the Visual Arts in Years 1-6’ (MOE).

The students can also reflect regularly on their learning of the printmaking process and describe any problems they faced in producing their final siapo and how they were able to resolve these problems.

This also provides an opportunity for students to document and reflect on their final work in relation to the overall learning intentions from the unit.

Equipment & Resources Needed:

  • Printmaking equipment (E.g. cardboard, lino, wood, polystyrene, rollers, carving tools/ boards, ink, paint, paper, pens etc.)
  • Digital camera (to document printmaking process/ stages, final product etc.)
  • Siapo self-assessment (Word 118KB)

Published on: 09 Jan 2018