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ESOL Teacher Resource Exchange Years 9-13

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L=Listening, S=Speaking, R=Reading, W=Writing, V=Viewing, P=Presenting, Vocab=Vocabulary, O=Other

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Teacher resource Antarctica (Word)

Three Level Reading Guide

Keywords: Antarctica

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)

31.00 kB

Pat Syme

L, R, S, W

Teacher resource Assessment for English Language Learners: Some Options for Placement, Diagnosis and Funding (Word)

This resource identifies and links to appropriate assessments for English language learners that can be used for initial and diagnostic assessment. The most commonly used tools are highlighted in the list. (Updated February 2014.)

Keywords: assessment, diagnostic, placement

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)
Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

150.00 kB

Julie Luxton


Teacher resource Diagnostic Reading Tool (Word 2007)

This diagnostic reading tool is based on the Englisg Language Learning Progressions. It was designed for use by mainstream and ESOL teachers.

Keywords: assessment, ELLP, reading

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

58.13 kB

Helen Panayiodou


Teacher resource Fashion and the Royal Wedding (Word)

A unit plan for vocabulary, reading and writing on the topic of fashion and the royal wedding.

Keywords: fashion, reading, vocabulary, writing

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

80.50 kB

Chris McGuirk


Teacher resource Feedback form for mainstream teachers of ELLs (Word 2007)

This mainstream teacher feedback form is one possible tool for collecting feedback about English language learners from mainstream teachers in a secondary school situation - both for ongoing monitoring and evidence for ESOL funding applications.

Keywords: ELLP funding mainstream teachers

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

16.77 kB

Athlyn Watt


Teacher resource Kiwifruit - 3 level guide (Word)

Information text with statements at three levels

Keywords: kiwifruit

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)

32.00 kB

Pat Syme


Teacher resource Linking Words and their Functions (Publisher)

A poster overview of some common linking words and their functions. This can be used by learners alongside the accompanying resource 'Linking Words: Sample Sentences' which shows how to use them correctly.

Keywords: function, linking

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)

171.50 kB

Julie Luxton


Teacher resource Linking Words: Sample Sentences (Word)

These sample sentences sit alongside the mind map 'Linking Words and their Functions' also posted on this teacher resource exchange.

Keywords: linking, sentences

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)

39.50 kB

Julie Luxton

L, S, R, W

Teacher resource Literacy Unit Standards (PowerPoint)

This powerpoint was produced for a CLESOL 2012 workshop entitled: 'The literacy unit standards' pathway - the experiences and perspectives of two secondary ESOL teachers'. It is presented as an option for y11 or 12 students identified as having difficulty achieving level 1 literacy through the achievement standards pathway.

Keywords: Literacy unit standards, NCEA level 1 literacy

182.50 kB

Athlyn Watt and Angela Bland

L, R, S

Teacher resource My Place- A Home in Taamaki Makaurau (Word)

A Unit Plan for Foundation to Level 2 students that involves speaking and listening with some reading and writing. Designed to help students explore their 'new' home. Outside providers and residents help to enrich this unit combined with EOTC and visual images.

Keywords: basin, facilities, history, Maori, transport, volcano

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)

262.00 kB

Chris McGuirk

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