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Latest news

International Languages Week from 14 August 2017


International Languages Week International Languages Week provides an opportunity to showcase and promote languages and cultures in your school and communities. International Languages Week takes place this year between 14 August and 18 August.  ... Read more »

Tonga Language Week from 3 September 2017


Tonga Language Week Tonga Language Week / Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga gives students of all ethnicities the chance to learn some basic lea faka-Tonga, and gives students who speak lea faka-Tonga the ... Read more »

Eligibility to enrol in New Zealand schools - updated information


There is an updated circular online now - Eligibility to enrol in New Zealand schools Circular 2017/01This circular is about the eligibility requirements for enrolment in New Zealand schools. It includes advice on ... Read more »

Cook Islands Māori Language Week from 30 July 2017


Cook Islands Māori Language Week Cook Islands Language Week /Te 'Epetoma o te Reo Kūki Airani celebrates the identity, languages, and culture of students from the Cook Islands and students whose families are ... Read more »

Updated Level 4 EAP standards and development of Level 3 EAP standards now open for consultation.


Announcing the release of the updated Level 4 EAP standards and the development of Level 3 EAP standards which are now open for consultation.The proposed Level 3 EAP standards and the feedback ... Read more »

Consultation on Tapasā –helping teachers work better with Pasifika learners


A new draft framework for teachers aims to help them work more confidently with Pasifika learners and be more responsive to their needs Tapasā, a new framework for teachers, is now out ... Read more »

Towards a sense of belonging - Ed Gazette Article


As World Refugee Day approaches, Education Gazette examines a recent documentary that shares real-life stories, including that of a Wellington student with a refugee background. Towards a sense of belonging - Ed Gazette Article  ... Read more »

The National Library of New Zealand and Archives New Zealand are pleased to announce the opening of He Tohu.


The National Library of New Zealand and Archives New Zealand are pleased to bring a fantastic new learning experience for New Zealand’s young people with the opening of He Tohu. He Tohu is a new ... Read more »

Ideas for Gifted Awareness Week


Lots of great ideas to use in your classroom for Gifted Awareness Week. ... Read more »

MoE ESOL news update


May 2017 issue now available. ... Read more »


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