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Setting the standard

Merle Braithwaite (1954 – 2012) was highly respected and warmly regarded in the ESOL teaching community in Aotearoa NZ as a teacher, resource writer, consultant, and professional learning facilitator.  She made a huge contribution to our profession through her teaching and resources.

Merle passed away in October 2012. Her family have generously made her Setting the Standard ESOL unit standard resources available to the ESOL Online community so that teachers can continue to benefit from Merle’s expertise. The family have asked that all teachers who use or modify these materials acknowledge Merle’s work.

We thank them for their generosity, as do all those who have benefitted from Merle’s work.

These materials are now housed in a closed group on the VLN. This will enable teachers to continue to use the resources for summative assessment purposes.

To access these materials please visit the  English Language unit standards group on the VLN. 

You will need to join this group if you have not already done so. You can do this by selecting 'Request membership' (when logged in) and ensuring that you have completed your VLN profile or by contacting your regional facilitator - Juliet Fry, Petronella Townsend, Simon Crosby, Julie Luxton or Stephanie Dodd.

A sample version of task 17139 has been provided:

Setting the Standard consists of a series of booklets for providers of ESOL Unit Standards
Material developed by Merle Braithwaite.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018