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ESOL Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.
Ministry of Education.

Key ESOL messages for schools

Ministry of Education.
  • Schools will have received ESOL funding notifications on Friday 17 April. ESOL status lists will be emailed by 24 April, informing you of the funded students.
  • There are also key messages for teachers and whānau on the website, including: 

“Learning happens in every language. If your home language is a language other than English, use that language when communicating with your child. You can use your home language to talk about activities the teacher has provided and the activity can be completed in English.”

“Please keep your child learning at home at Alert Level 3, unless there is no one in your bubble who can care for them as you now need to go to work.”

“Remember that learning should be fun, and that it should be in the language you are most comfortable using.”

It would be helpful if schools could reinforce these messages.

  • Schools with English language learners know their learners and are best placed to continue to provide them with appropriate learning material.
  • ESOL professional learning clusters and ESOL online forums are proving to be excellent sources of support for all teachers needing additional ideas for working with English Language Learners via distance. Subscription to online forums is free – teachers who are not connected to an ESOL PLC can contact Kirsty MacDiarmid to find out about their nearest group. 
  • If you require support for a particular refugee or migrant family,  contact your local Ministry office to be connected with your nearest Senior Advisor, Refugee and Migrant Education.

Published on: 23 Apr 2020


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