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English Language Learning Progressions (ELLP) Pathway Years 1-8 and ELLP Pathway Student Agency Record

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English Language Learning Progressions (ELLP) Pathway Years 1-8 and ELLP Pathway Student Agency Record


The ELLP Pathway Years 1-8 and ELLP Pathway Student Agency Record are optional, supplementary resources, designed to assist primary and intermediate teachers to better understand the ELLP matrices and plan appropriate teaching for English language learners (ELLs).

The resources were created in response to feedback from the primary sector, and have involved members of the Migrant, Refugee and International (ESOL) team working with primary teachers and ESOL experts. The resources are closely aligned to the ELLP matrices, with additional detail added from the ELLP booklets and other Ministry of Education resources. While the resource is labelled as a pathway for years 1 to 8, it has many aspects useful for teachers and learners at the secondary level.


The ELLP Pathway Years 1-8 provides an overview of the ELLP stages, focus questions and ideas for better knowing and supporting learners, and links to a range of ministry resources. This resource also has links to eight new videos, featuring ELL consultant and researcher Dr Jannie van Hees, which focus on ‘knowing your learner’ and ‘supporting your learner’.


The ELLP Pathway Student Agency Record is a simplified version of the ELLP Pathway Years 1-8 for use by learners and teachers to promote student agency and to help plan next learning steps.


The use of these resources is optional. Schools are encouraged to use them in ways that best suit the needs of teachers and learners - taking into account specific factors, such as numbers of ELLs in your school. Examples of how schools are using the resources will be included in ESOL Update newsletters.


Important: This does not replace the ELLP record of progress. All ESOL funding applications still require the completion of the ELLP records of progress twice a year.


The resources are available on TKI in Word and Google Doc formats:


ELLP Pathway Years 1-8 and ELLP Pathway Student Agency Record


For further information, please contact  info.esol@education.govt.nz

Updated on: 28 May 2020


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