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Ministry of Education.

ESOL funding applications

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Applications for Terms 1 and 2, 2022 are due by Tuesday 1 March.

Please update the 2021 Period 2 (Terms 3 and 4) Status List and update lists for new students. 

Additional information explaining the ESOL funding application process can be seen in the  ESOL funding flow chart. The ELLP guidelines, student assessment forms, and application forms are available on the  Ministry website.

Schools who received ESOL funding in August 2021

Use the Ministry of Education  Secure Data Portal to submit your updated Status List by 1 March 2022. Ask your school's Secure Data Portal User to upload the updated Status List in Excel format. If you are not sure who your school's Secure Data Portal User is then please check with a colleague, your principal, or office manager.

Schools who did not receive ESOL funding in August 2021

Use the  ESOL funding application form to apply for ESOL funding. Upload the updated form in Excel format via the  Secure Data Portal by 1 March 2022

We will inform your school of the ESOL funding allocation via email and upload the 2022 Status List with the details of all the students funded for Terms 1 and 2 on the Secure Data Portal approximately five weeks after applications close. Please ask your Secure Data Portal User for access to the Status List.

Published on: 16 Feb 2022


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