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ESOL Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.
Ministry of Education.


  • ESOL_MoE_Pamphlet to support new learners of English (PDF 871KB)
  • ESOL Teaching Skills Taskbook: This task book contains a series of lessons that aim to professionally develop teachers while providing teaching and learning resources. It is divided into five units and was produced by teacher trainers at Language International in Auckland.
  • Clip Art Collection: Copyright-free clip art (simple line-drawings) for use by language teachers. Designed to be culturally and linguistically neutral, the drawings are grouped under - verbs, adjectives, nouns and pronouns.
  • EverythingESL.net: Activities for Newcomers: When new English language learners first enter your school, it can be overwhelming for the teachers responsible for their instruction. Here are some activity-based tips to get you started.
  • Hot baked potatoes - half baked software: You can use this software to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises. Enter your data and the programme will create the web pages for you. You can even include feedback that leads the students who are having difficulty to the correct answers.
  • English online, ICTs in English
  • Japan: Kids Web: A fun site that introduces Japan to students from other countries. Sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Three good resources for ESL / ELL teachers: A review of free technology resources and how teachers can use them. The site offers ideas for technology integration in education including resources to support our English language learners.

Published on: 27 Jul 2010