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ELIP Foundation stage - Orientation to learning

The following PDF document may be used to develop a programme for Foundation Stage learners.

Foundation Stage - Orientation to Learning Language outcome
Orientation to learning

Published on: 29 May 2013

Foundation stage - Orientation to learning

The Foundation Stage of the programme addresses the learning needs of older students whose readiness for English language acquisition is likely to have been affected by factors such as:

• interrupted or no schooling

• learning disabilities

• low levels of L1 literacy

• trauma

• no prior exposure to English

Teachers of beginner intensive English classes may find Foundation Stage an appropriate additional tool for screening students’ entry level English language and literacy skills. Assessing students against outcomes, measured by identifying which of the learning components they have mastered could be helpful  in planning  beginner class programmes, as students in these classes typically represent a wide range of proficiency and L1 literacy levels.