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Stage 1 - Orientation to learning

The following PDF document may be used to develop a programme for Stage 1 learners.

Stage 1 - Orientation Language Outcome
Orientation to learning

Published on: 05 Jun 2013

Stage 1- Orientation to learning

There are some very simple short texts and some longer more complex texts in all strands of Stage 1. This is to allow for joint deconstruction and reconstruction of texts, alongside independent construction. The more complex texts, for example the text on Jean Batten or the text on turtles, may seem very difficult  in comparison with the other Stage 1 texts. However, students can be shown how to write only one sentence under each of the text stages, but have seen a model of an expanded text. Much research on the comprehension and text production of English language learners suggests that they learn better when using more difficult texts with lots of support rather than highly simplified texts.