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Resources for students from refugee backgrounds

The following resources may be useful to help develop students’ understanding of refugees.

  • How to support Māori learners
  • How to support Pasifika learners
  • Te Mangōroa: a site designed to bring you stories of Ka Hikitia in action from across the sector.
  • Pacific Solution (DVD)
    This documentary looks at the daily lives of a number of Afghan boys from the MV Tampa, now living in Mangere, Auckland. Shot in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Nauru and New Zealand, it traces the circumstances that led to their arrival in New Zealand and the reunion process they have been undergoing as their family members are resettled in New Zealand. Through the prism of their experience, the documentary examines the refugee crisis that is facing the world.
  • A Girl from Glen Innes (Video/DVD)
    Tinama Oo, a girl from Glen Innes, Auckland, tells of her own refugee journey from Burma to New Zealand. The resource covers both refugees and the development of a NZ identity, from a young person's perspective. Includes a 10-page study guide.
  • From There To Here (PDF 2MB) : A collection of writing from young people who came to New Zealand from migrant and refugee backgrounds. Use these stories as models for writing by your students.
  • We Came as Refugees by Borany Kanal & Adrienne Jansen (1997).
  • Borany's Story (1991) is an account of the life of Borany Kanal, a Cambodian immigrant and co-author of the book, which was originally a radio programme broadcast by Radio New Zealand in 1989. It is a first person account of a woman's escape from the Khmer Rouge, and eventual resettling in New Zealand. Excerpts from Borany's Story can be found in Many Voices: a Journal of New Settlers & Multicultural Education, 11, 19-22.

Published on: 14 Sep 2010