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Scaffolded note-taking

Preparing the task

  1. Select a text you would like the students to take notes on.
  2. Ensure the text is at a level that can be understood.
  3. Create a sheet for the students to write notes on. The note-taking sheet could have grids of information to fill in or sentence starters for the students to complete. The note-taking sheet should follow the text. You may need to create more than one note taking sheet, each version having different levels of support to match the language needs of the students.
  4. Read the text.

Procedure for the task

  1. Explain that the students need to read the text and take notes on the note-taking sheet. In order to motivate the students to complete their notes, they should be notified that the text will be collected at the end of class.
  2. The class reads the first section of the text together and complete the notes together to be sure the students know how to transfer the information from the text into note form.
  3. The students are given time to read the text and write notes.
  4. Collect in the notes at the end of class and a discussion could be held about the important points of the text.

Contributed by Summer Stice during the ESOL Online Workshop "Language and Learning in Secondary Science".

Published on: 03 Jun 2009