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Principle 6 strategies

Listening and Speaking
Ask and answer Barrier exercises Combining tasks Consensus round /Reaching a consensus
Developing high level questions Dictogloss Finding out table Five Ws and an H
Four corners Graphic organisers Information transfer  
Listening dictation Listening round/Round-robin New ideas/Novel ideas Picture matching
Role-play cards Running dictation Say it Shared dictation
Split information Strip stories The doughnut Verb stories
Viewing guides      
Collaborative posters Consensus round /Reaching a consensus Developing high level questions Double entry journal
Finding out table Five Ws and an H Graphic organisers Information transfer
Interactive Cloze Jigsaw reading Mind mirror New ideas/Novel ideas
Paired reading Reading in four voices Reciprocal reading or co-operative reading Role-play cards
Say it Shared reading Skills flow (RTF 46KB) Sorting relevant from irrelevant material
Split information Story graph or story map Summarising Three level reading guides
Creative Cloze Developing high level questions Dictogloss Double entry journal
Five Ws and an H Graphic organisers and Categorising Information transfer Shared dictation
Skills flow (RTF 46KB) Split information Strip stories  
Verb stories      
Before and after vocabulary grids Collaborative crosswords Disappearing definition /Vanishing Cloze Loopy
Matching exercise Picture matching (or Matching word and definition) Structured overviews Summarising
Vocabulary jumble Vocabulary revision activities Walking words Whispering game
Word clusters/maps      
Thinking and Metacognition
Collaborative posters Consensus: Co-operative learning Consensus round /Reaching a consensus Graphic organisers
Information transfer Matching exercises Plus, minus, interesting (PDF) Structured overviews
Vocabulary revision activities      

Published on: 16 Apr 2012