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Principle 1 strategies

Listening and Speaking
4-3-2 (or 3, 2, 1) Ask and answer Concept star Consensus round/Reaching a consensus
Finding out tables Four corners Graphic organisers Listening round/Round-robin
New ideas/Novel ideas Think, pair, share    
Anticipatory reading guides Before and after vocabulary grids Concept star Differentiated texts
Finding out tables Freeze frame Graphic organisers Interactive cloze
New ideas/Novel ideas Preview/Simplified text summary Reading overview grid Scaffolded note-taking
  Structured overviews    
Creative cloze Graphic organisers Guided writing Joint construction of text
Learning logs Quick writing Writing frames or text frames  
Before and after vocabulary grids Building vocabulary knowledge with bilingual flash cards Concept map Concept star
Dominoes Vocabulary jumble Loopy Matching exercises
Venn Diagrams Word clusters/maps Vocabulary revision activities Word grids
Walking words      
Thinking and Metacognition
Activating prior knowledge Brainstorming: (Mind Tools website) Concept circles Concept map
Concept star Consensus: Co-operative learning Consensus round/Reaching a consensus Freeze frame
Graphic organisers Hot potato KWL chart Learning grid
Learning logs Matching exercises Quick writing RIQ (321)
Think aloud Think, pair, share Venn Diagrams Vocabulary revision activities

Published on: 16 Apr 2012