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ESOL Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.
Ministry of Education.



Effective pedagogy for English language learners:

What is effective best practice for teaching English language learners is effective teaching for all students. English language and literacy are taught through the New Zealand Curriculum in a culturally responsive way. Research findings from second language acquisition research guide teachers as they plan a sequence of learning, select and design task work, and set learning intentions.

Students who are new to New Zealand should also learn about our way of life in New Zealand, our culture, and how to learn in a New Zealand school environment.

Within the ESOL principles section you will find:

  • the seven ESOL teaching principles
  • video clips which exemplify each principle
  • ESOL teaching strategies that support each principle.

Within the ESOL teaching strategies section you will find:

  • descriptions of strategies that support each learning area (listening, speaking, reading and writing), vocabulary and student thinking
  • pages which support teachers to explore and think about their use of each strategy.

Within the  Making language and learning work section you will find:

  • The Making Language and Learning Work series of DVDs which are designed to provide professional development for teachers. The DVDs demonstrate how teachers can effectively integrate content-area teaching and language learning in mainstream subject classrooms for students from diverse language background.

DVD 1 : Integrating language and learning in secondary maths and science

DVD 2 : Integrating language and learning in secondary English and social sciences

DVD 3 : Integrating language and learning in years 5 to 8

Published on: 04 Jul 2014