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National Standards

National Standards

National Standards came into effect in English-medium schools with pupils in years 1 to 8 in February 2010. The standards set clear expectations that students need to meet in reading, writing, and mathematics in the first eight years at school.

National Standards and English Language Learners

English language learners progress and achievement will be reported in relation to the National Standards. It is recommended that schools also assess and report the progress and achievement of English language learners in relation to the English Language Learning Progressions (ELLP), as the Progressions provide a guide to typical language learning pathways for students learning English as an additional language. Schools and teachers will use an overall teacher judgment to determine whether reporting to parents using the Progressions or National Standards is more appropriate for individual learners, referring to the Ministry National Standards English language learners’ guidelines for how long and for whom this alternate reporting option can be used. At all times, for all students, the national cohort expectations will be kept in view.

Reporting to parents and boards on an English language learners’ progress and achievement in mathematics must be in relation to the national mathematics standards.

Accessing the National Standards

The National Standards packs were distributed to schools from 30 October 2009. Additional packs are free to order at Down the Back of the Chair. For further enquiries, phone the Down the Back of the Chair team on 0800 660 662.

The National Standards are also available online on the New Zealand Curriculum website.

Additional guidance on reporting and assessing progress in relation to the National Standards and ELLP can be found in the impact section.