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Ministry of Education.

Welcome to module 5 – Reporting progress in secondary schools

In this module, you will explore:

  • the background information that is relevant to reporting progress and achievement for English language learners in secondary schools
  • key ideas about reporting progress and achievement to parents
  • specific ideas for leading the professional development and learning of others in your school.

To help you, you will need:

  • The English Language Learning Progressions: Years 9–13
  • The Literacy Learning Progressions
  • The New Zealand Curriculum
  • a copy of your school reporting format(s).
ELLP Years 9-13
Language Learning Progressions
NZ Curriculum

Introducing the icons

Throughout the following pages, we have used icons to indicate tasks that you may want to undertake. These are the icons you will see:

this indicates footage you can view in the module or on the DVD

this indicates that you might like to make notes

this indicates that there is related information you can read

this indicates that you might like to discuss this item with a colleague.


Published on: 03 Dec 2010