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Ministry of Education.

Literacy Level 1

See also English NCEA Level 1 Units on English Online.

Banana in a nutshell
These study notes prepare students for English 1.5 View/listen to, study and show understanding of a visual or oral text. Teachers can adapt the notes to their students' needs. The material has been contributed by the filmmaker Roseanne Liang.

Read texts for practical purposes: Unit Standard 2977 (English Online unit)
This unit covers the reading of simple texts to achieve a practical purpose. It looks at the purpose of the text, the parts or sections of the text, locating of information within text, interpreting language and abbreviations, and making links between the text and existing knowledge.

Writing for publication: Achievement Standard 1.1
A unit in which students are encouraged to explore their language options in the process of crafting a piece of poetic writing to publication standard.

Published on: 22 Jun 2009