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Working with English Language Learners - a new resource

Working with English Language Learners - a new resource

Working with English Language Learners (WELLS)


The Working with English Language Learners (WELLs) handbook for teacher aides and bilingual tutors and the DVD that accompanies it is now available in digital form on ESOL Online. The WELLs handbook consists of a series of short modules providing guidelines on how to enable schools to maximise the effect of teacher aides/bilingual tutors supporting English language learners from migrant and refugee backgrounds.  
Working with English Language Learners online resources  
There are ten modules:

  • Strengthening your role
  • Ways of working
  • Language acquisition
  • Effective teaching and learning
  • Supporting oral language
  • Supporting questioning
  • Supporting reading
  • Supporting writing
  • Learning to learn
  • Learning in curriculum areas

Each module includes an introduction, teaching support activities and footage of what some of the activities look like in a real classroom setting. The handbook can be downloaded as a whole document or in the ten separate modules.  

The WELLs resources are designed to be used by an experienced teacher to work through with teacher aides. A teacher commented, "Being the coordinating teacher I found that working through the WELLs handbook with my teacher aides was invaluable learning for us all - it introduced new concepts and reinforced other strategies. Through this PD we built a strong cohesive team which continued to learn new skills that enhanced our ELLs' learning. We maintained the regular meetings to work as a team to ensure academic success for our learners." 

Updated on: 27 Sep 2017