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Survey to gather interest in upcoming NZQA Roadshow events

Survey to gather interest in upcoming NZQA Roadshow events

Roadshow information

In November & December of 2017, NZQA will present a series of Saturday roadshow events in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland.

The purpose of these events will be to build sector capability by increasing awareness of the NZCEL qualifications, unit standards, and the MoE's ESOL resources. During the day there will also be workshop sessions on identifying English proficiency level (via the CEFR) and assessment design. These events provide a platform for professional exchange within and across the secondary and tertiary sectors. The programme will be made up of interactive sessions giving teachers and providers the information and tools necessary for consistent assessment practice.

At this stage we are attempting to gauge interest in such an event in your area. Please respond to the following survey so that we may ascertain your interest.


This professional development is brought to you by NZQA National Qualifications Services in collaboration with TESOLANZ, NZCEL Providers Forum and the secondary school sector.

Published on: 04 Aug 2017


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