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Secondary Literacy mailing list weekly summary of activity 6-10 June 2011

Greetings All. This is a summary of the discussion on the Secondary Literacy mailing list for the week 6-10 June. Thanks for the off–list messages about the Secondary Literacy web space.

I do encourage readers to send a post to the forum secondaryliteracy@mailinglist.tki.org.nz as well so that we can all share in the discussion. The achievement of Maori students, in literacy, and in a wider learning context, is a priority in NZ education.

This report In Their Own Words! presents the findings of the Māori Youth Council prepared in response to the call from the Minister of Māori Affairs “to hear directly from young people what they think about how the Government’s policies and programmes work for them”.

The report contains a review of current policy initiatives including:

  • Kura Kaupapa Māori;
  • He Kākano;
  • Ka Hikitia; and
  • Te Kotahitanga.

There are four common themes present in the recommendations. They are:

  • greater use of whānau- and community-based initiatives;
  • improved access to information;
  • more targeted resources; and
  • greater use of Te Reo Māori to engage youth.

I look forward to your comments on this report, and of course on any other secondary literacy related topic.

Have a great week


Denise Hitchcock

Facilitator: Secondary Literacy community

Published on: 13 Jun 2011


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