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School Journals featuring the Olympic games

Game On image.

This collection of School Journal resources explores connections to the Olympic games.

SJ 1996

The First Olympic Marathon by Douglas Carian, School Journal, Part 4, Number 1, 1996

When the Olympic Games were first revived in 1896, the Greeks hoped to be able to win some medals. They were up against the athletic might of the United States and their hopes were unfulfilled until the last race, the marathon, when a small shepherd/postman ran the race of his life.

Game On! by Trish Puharich,  School Journal, Part 1, Number 1, 2006

Game on image.

This article recounts a school's Olympic celebrations, which are held every four years. It conveys the fun, excitement, and learning that take place from the opening ceremony, through the two weeks of sports events, to the final closing ceremony.

Teacher support materials

 Violet Walrond: Olympic Swimmer by Philippa Werry, School Journal Level 4, March 2012

SJ 2012

This journal article is about New Zealand's first female Olympian and her experience of the Olympic Games in Belgium in 1920.

Rowing to the Olympics by Alan Bagnall, School Journal Part 4, Number 2, 1997

SJ 1997

In 1920 in Antwerp, Belgium, New Zealand entered the Olympics for the first time as an individual nation. D'Arcy Hadfield won a bronze medal in the sculling final. It was the first medal New Zealand had won as a national team. This fictional story by Alan Bagnall is inspired by D'Arcy Hadfield's achievements. 

Published on: 08 Jul 2016