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(PaCT) Progress and Consistency Tool

(PaCT) Progress and Consistency Tool

(PaCT) Progress and Consistency Tool

The Progress and Consistency Tool is an online tool that supports teaching and learning.

What does it do?

  • Unpacks the curriculum content of mathematics
  • Prompts teachers to notice how students use reading and writing to support learning across the curriculum; 
  • Illustrates the significant steps that learners take as they progress in mathematics, reading and writing; 
  • Supports moderation;
  • Informs teaching programmes;
  • Supports consistent overall judgments of student progress and achievement;
  • Creates reports that help teachers and school leaders monitor the progress of students. 

The PaCT has:

  • Learning progression frameworks that break down mathematics, reading and writing and illustrate the stages of learning. 
  • An ‘engine’ that captures teacher judgments on aspects of mathematics reading and writing and recommends an overall judgment that a teacher confirms or reviews. 

Published on: 21 Sep 2016