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ESOL Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.
Ministry of Education.

School snapshots.

Snapshots for teaching and learning in ESOL

These stories provide examples of ideas and approaches some schools are using in their ESOL programmes.

Improving student writing with digital stories
Bridget Harrison, from Kimi Ora Community School, discusses how her students are using digital stories to scaffold the writing process. She explains that this new approach has led to significant improvements in asTTle writing data.

Supporting ESOL students to read independently
Kim Bizo, librarian at Hillcrest Normal School, explains how they use the Lexile reading programme in supporting ESOL students to read independently with comprehension.

Effective teaching for Pasifika students 
This film shows the benefits of valuing and sharing the languages that Pasifika students bring with them into the classroom.

Published on: 28 Jul 2014