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Qualifications/ NCEA


NCEA (National Certificates of Educational Achievement) are New Zealand's national qualifications for senior secondary students. NCEA is part of the National Qualifications Framework, along with approximately 1000 other qualifications. They are administered and quality assured by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

English language learners in years 11–13 may have a diverse range of English language proficiencies and range of competencies in different learning areas. This means they may need to work towards a variety of achievement standards or unit standards, including ESOL unit standards.

Schools are encouraged to plan flexible pathways for learners that recognise their diverse abilities, interests, and aspirations.

NCEA Literacy and Numeracy resources

ESOL unit standards

Belonging: an integrated resource for ESOL Unit Standards by Jenni Bedford and Breda Matthews

Formative teaching and learning sequences and summative assessment tasks prepare students for eight NCEA ESOL level 2 and 3 unit standards assessments.

Our Changing World

Many ESOL Online secondary mainstream and ESOL Online secondary ESOL units contain links to ESOL Unit Standards.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) unit standards

NCEA English
This NZQA page includes all NCEA English resources, including standards, assessment specifications, assessment and moderation reports, moderator’s updates, literacy requirements, and exemplars.

Teaching and learning sequences to support preparation and assessment for a range of standards are also available on English Online.

Setting the standard

ESOL unit standard resources developed by Merle Braithwaite.

Published on: 17 Dec 2008